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Did you know you can achieve amazing slimming effects without any scalpel?️


Simply as Arosha Body treatments

Arosha uses especially soaked bandages with active ingredients to combine with Pressotherapy, which together give you stunning results.

You feel like you can fly above the sky!
Your body is refreshed as water and toxins are removed of your body.

The cellulite is successfully reduced. Your skin is smoother and you lose inches immediately!

You can see the difference in your body! And this all just after first treatment.

So why not to give yourself a new ME just before summer?


Arosha bandages are fast, easy to use and work in perfect synergy with technological devices.
They are designed to be an intensive and effective treatment for problematic areas:
on legs and abdomen - as adiposity, cellulite and water retention – to firm and regenerate and also improve the skin texture and tone.

Arosha bandages and formulas suit a specific body area to work in a powerful and targeted way.


Pressotherapy is a method used in treating lymphatic and cardiovascular systems as well as in aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy and body care.
During the treatment, special cuffs with empty chambers are applied which are slowly filled with air. The air is injected to the chambers in a strictly controlled manner using a compressor that the device is equipped with, and it applies pressure to particular parts of the body pushing blood and lymph to the nearest lymph nodes. Firstly, the chambers around ankles are filled, then calves and then the filling continues upwards. This type of mechanic drainage enables thorough detoxification and removal of excess water from the body.

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