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Natural Collagen Collagen Conditioner, 200ml

Natural Collagen Collagen Conditioner, 200ml

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Regenerating Collagen Conditioner contains Natural Collagen Inventia® which has beneficial influence on
the head skin and hair. Silk Extract and D-Panthenol give hair natural glow and restore its softness. The
presence of natural fatty alcohols favourably affect hair hydration and smoothing. In addition, active the keratin derivative accurately and thoroughly restores the structure of damaged hair, whereas peptides
contained in the conditioner perfectly enhances the natural structure of hair. Therefore, regeneration is exceptionally effective and regular use of conditioner guarantees beautiful and manageable hair.


The conditioner is recommended for all hair types, however, people with weak, brittle and damaged UV or hair styling hair will mostly appreciate its exceptional influence. The conditioner perfectly complements
Collagen Shampoo Inventia®.


Application methode


Apply on clean and delicately dried hair – begin from the ends and next spread the preparation over the entire length of hair. Apply more conditioner on the most damaged parts which require intensive regeneration. After 5 minutes rinse thoroughly with water. For best effect, before applying conditioner, use Collagen Shampoo Inventia®.

  • Product effects:

    • Restores the structure of damaged hair
    • Effectively hydrates and smoothens
    • Gives elasticity and glow
    • Reduces hair loss caused by brittleness


  • Active Ingredients

    Natural Collagen Inventia®, Kerestore 2.0, Argan Oil, Silk Extract, D-Panthenol.

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