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LipoColl HA Hydro Serum

LipoColl HA Hydro Serum


The LipoColl HA Hydro Serum is a sophisticated care treatment* against wrinkles. It instantly increases the level of moisture and visibly thickens the skin, as well as provides complex hydro-regeneration of all skin layers.

The Liposomal Collagen Complex used in LipoColl HA Hydro Serum is unique in 4 different ways - both in terms of the raw ingridient used and the carrier that enables the complex to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

It is the only serum on the market that contains collagen and hyaluronic acid in liposomal form - a combination of two effective, natural moisturizers that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. These have been used in the best possible concentration so that outstanding moisturizing performance is guaranteed and the excellent application properties of the cosmetics are preserved.

The immediate reduction of wrinkles and smoothing of the skin, while moisturizing the deep layers of the skin, provides amazing comfort and a WOW-effect even after the first application. When used regularly, LipoColl Hydro Serum triggers long-term repair processes in the skin.

Thanks to Laren’s new definition of rejuvenation - Hydroboosting - the skin recovers by being strengthened, smoothed, elastified, saturated with collagen and hyaluronic acid, thickened and hydrated.

The result? A younger appearance, which means radiant, smooth, hydrated skin without signs of fatigue or stress.

The daily care with LipoColl HA Hydro Serum is enriched with a delicate scent of green tea and bergamot.

No irritating and toxic solvents, emulsifiers, conditioners or preservatives are used in the production of the Liposomal Collagen Complex. Therefore, the preparation is safe for allergic, sensitive skin that needs special treatment. If you avoid cosmetics with: PEGs, SLS, phenoxyethanol, parabens, nylon, PVP, aluminum, the LipoColl Hydro Serum is perfect for you.


    Increased skin thickness, providing collagen protein and hyaluronic acid, stimulation of regenerating processes (also visible in ultrasound)

    significant smoothing and reduction of wrinkles (also visible in ultrasound)

    immediate lifting effect

    long-lasting lifting effect when applied consistently

    ultra-hydrating effect, enhanced by liposomal hyaluronic acid

    build-up of the hydro-structure of all skin layers

    skin-strengthening effect


    Apply a small amount of serum to the cleansed face, neck and neckline in the morning and/or evening. Use daily during the first phase of application. After you feel that the ingredients saturate your skin, use it as needed. Apply on its own or before your moisturizer or sunscreen.

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