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DNA Shampoo

DNA Shampoo


Specialist shampoo for weakened hair with fall out tendencies. It is rich in natural origin ingredients of synergic properties.

It contains active complexes Stimucap DNA and Baicapil that deeply penetrate the hair matrix, nourishing it and by doing so stimulate correct hair growth and reducing the hair loss.

Liposomal biotin and Beauplex vitamin complex provide the head skin and hair with nourishment essential for fast initiation of reconstructive processes, while caffeine, arginine, and ginkgo extract stimulate blood circulation in head skin, stimulating the hair growth.

Created for everyday use.

Particularly recommended for weakened hair, with a tendency to fall out.


    prevents hair loss

    strengthens and nourishes head skin and hair,

    stimulating and accelerating their growth

    stimulates blood circulation in head skin

    revitalizes hair

    regenerates, smoothens, and provides hair with resilience

    moisturizes head skin, soothing irritations

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