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Detox Green Clay Mask Larens

Detox Green Clay Mask Larens


Detoxicating green clay mask for skin in need of cleansing and restoration of its balance and healthy tone.

This 20-minute home treatment detoxicates, regulates disturbed processes and restores skin balance. After the treatment, the skin is smooth, refreshed, elastic, full of vitality and healthy color.

These effects result from the synergy of several active ingredients: green and white clay, bakuchiol, kombucha, spirulina and collagen peptides stored in Biopeptide Complex.

In the case of oily, problematic skin, the mask absorbs excess sebum, regulates its secretion and tamps down oiliness.

  • What effects does it have?

    smooth, firm, full of energy and vitality skin

    detoxication and remineralization

    reduction of free radicals in the skin, which slows its ageing processes

    alleviation for sensitive skin, reduction of redness

    absorption of sebum

  • To whom we recommend this product

    For all skin types, especially those with a graying skin tone, polluted, lacking vitality.

    Ideal for skin in need of cleansing, regulating sebum overproduction, soothing irritation resulting from minor inflammation

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