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After Shave Cream-75 ML

After Shave Cream-75 ML


After shave cream was created for the special needs of men's skin. Non-alcoholic formula rich in active ingredients such as Natural Collagen inv®, Moist 24™ and Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting and deep hydration. Energen™ provides the tired skin with energy necessary for the proper functioning, and D-Panthenol and Menthol soothe irritation caused during shaving. Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Squalane accelerate the process of regeneration of microdamages and rebuild the skin's natural protective barrier. After shave cream restores the skin’s comfort and vitality, leaving it fresh, smooth and well moisturized. In addition, the formula slows the aging process.


    Apply a small amount of cream to the area after shaving. Gently pat.


    Soothes irritation caused during shaving

    Provides a cooling effect

    Restores the skin’s vitality

    Moisturizes and firms the skin

    Smoothes and accelerates skin regeneration

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